Have you been watching the olympics? I'm loving the swimming and gymnastics and it's been really fun to see purple cupping marks on some of the athletes. 


What's cupping?

It's a modality of chinese medicine that uses glass or plastics cups to create a suction vacuum on the skin. It looks weird, but feels great. The suction helps to bring blood flow into the area under the cups. This forced increase in blood flow helps to reduce pain and inflammation by bringing oxygen into the tissues and by moving cellular "debris" left over by old injuries. It speeds recovery and can help prevent injuries by keeping tissue and muscle healthy. And its not just for olympic athletes! Cupping is great for anyone suffering with chronic pain or muscle tension. It's even helpful for kids with asthma and coughs. 


Does it hurt?

No! Most people think it feels great, much like a deep tissue massage. It might feel funny at first, but most people feel really relaxed and calm after cupping. 

How long do those marks last?

Not everyone gets dark marks, but the darker ones usually fade in 3-5 days. 

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